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Technical Support

Self-Balancing Scooter's Technical Support

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How do I reset or rebalance my self-balancing scooter? 

Your Self-Balancing Scooter from time to time needs a RESET, this is easy to do: 

1. Charger the AIVISION Self-balancing Scooter for around 2 hours. 

PS: The charger has a red light on it which illuminates when plugged in, and this red light will turn to green when fully charged. then unplug the charger.


2. Turn off the self-balancing scooter and make sure the tops of both side of the scooters are level .  Both lights should be green on the top if it's working fine . It needs rebalancing if just one green light.


3. Turn off the self-balancing scooter.


4. Hold down the " on" button for 30 seconds. The blue lights should come on under the scooter and start flashing. Let them continue for 30 Seconds. 


5. Turn off the self-Balancing scooter.


6. Finally--Turn it on again, and  2 green lights on the top?

You are good to go ! Happy Riding !


Charging Instruction

Your new self-balancing scooter from AIVISION comes with partly charged battery, therefor when you receive your scooter you can start riding it straightaway. 


We recommend that you fully use up your battery before charging for the first time. This will allow for better durability for your scooter.


Our scooters are fully certified. 


We recommend you to charge your self-Balancing scooter up to maximun 2-3 hours

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