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Company News

AIVISION is joining the International Trade Contest which is held by Alibaba from 11th, August to 11th , September

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In August 11th ,2016,all members of our Marketing department took part

in the large below-the-line activity which was organized by Alibaba under the

guide of Steven ,who is the general manager in AIVISIOM.

The activity calls “International business Quan Zhan”.


There are 228 employees participating in this conference from 48 different



Every one took active part in this game, we cooperated to advance our Team.


And then ,it was a declaration time to express our Target. Only Never give up

can we overcome all the difficulty and lead us to succeed.


We were together, as a team, that we became so powerful .

Below are our team member


Our company ----Shenzhen Aivision Technology Co.,Ltd

Quality First ,Clients First and Credit Standing First”, are our thoughts of

management, we will stick to it all the time and put it into practice on every

details of our business. Welcome  the clients at home and abroad to negotiate

and cooperate.

                                                                                                       Shenzhen Aivision Technology Co.,Ltd


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